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TOP 7 Ideas for Developing a Lifestyle Blog on Instagram

Every blogger can be overtaken by a creative crisis. Especially when they lead a page about their life, and want to publish something interesting, but don’t know where to start. Today, lifestyle blogs are the most popular pages on Instagram. Many users are interested in observing the lives of other people through a profile on a social network. How to make your page interesting and popular? Let us discuss this question in more detail.


  • Let the world know your stories
  • Keep up to date with the news
  • This month's find
  • Courses
  • Goals and their implementation
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help
  • Work is one of the important components of modern life

TOP 7 Ideas for Developing a Lifestyle Blog on Instagram

Let the world know your stories

The best lifestyle blogs were built on the personal stories of bloggers who are not afraid to tell about the moments from their lives to their followers. Post on Instagram a funny story from the past. It will be interesting for the users to see you at school age or student years.

Remember! Instagram is one of the most personal social networks in the world. Do not be afraid to be open.

The following stories can be told on the blog:

  • Funny or sad
  • Instructive
  • Periods of rise or fall in a career or personal life
  • Memories that evoke pleasant feelings
  • Dreams

All this may interest your followers. And your lifestyle blogging will be actively developing on Instagram. If the question arose, how to get more followers on Instagram free? Think about the style of maintaining a personal page. All posts should be dedicated to one topic.

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Keep up to date with the news

If you read news or newspapers, then you know what reaction the news can cause. If you post thoughts or posts about this daily, followers will quickly get bored. But if you sometimes expose your opinion about the events taking place around, you will be able to influence the opinion of your followers. And even solve some global problems.

You can take into account political news, assistance to shelters, news from fashion and beauty industry. You can discuss anything, the main thing is not to overdo it. Do not go too far with the negativity.

This month's find

If you are constantly in contact with the world, do not be afraid to talk about new discoveries and experiences. The following points will be relevant here:

  1. Interesting books. Have you read a book that has affected you and caused a storm of emotions? Share your emotions with other people
  2. An interesting series. Have you started watching the series with an interesting plot? Tell about it on your page, perhaps this information will be useful to the others
  3. New service. Finally, you have found a good salon, food delivery or service. This is worth sharing
  4. Visiting a specialist. Have you visited a good specialist who solved your problem? Let your followers find out about them
  5. New blogger. If you discovered a new blogger who impressed you with their work, tell a little about it
  6. Healthy food. Have you tried a new tasty product, such as coconut butter? Tell us about its benefits and effect on the body

Any other discoveries that have become interesting or useful to you? They may be equally useful to others. Do not be afraid to be open with your followers. This will help make the profile interesting and popular.

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TOP 7 Ideas for Developing a Lifestyle Blog on Instagram


If you are a creative person, a culinary blogger or a master in the field of beauty industry. Try to teach your followers something new. Your profile you will only benefit from it. Any knowledge is valuable, even a regular pie or pizza recipe will be interesting.

The most popular lifestyle blog posts can include:

  1. Recipes of various dishes with step by step instructions
  2. Tips on where and how to buy things, products, accessories, etc. at an affordable price
  3. Tips for skin or hair care, clothes. It is advisable to publish a photo or video instruction
  4. Foreign language lessons
  5. Life hacks for repair, travel, image creation
  6. Advice on how to save

Any knowledge, skills can be useful. Do not underestimate your strength. Even sharing the simplest life hacks, you can become a popular blogger. The main thing is to choose one or two topics, and promote them in your profile.

Goals and their implementation

Are you interested in watching the challenges of famous bloggers? Today there are a lot of of them on Instagram. Someone aims to lose weight, others to learn a language or visit different countries. What is stopping you from doing this as well? The main thing is to determine the goal. This will help to quickly promote your blog. The goal may be:

  1. Losing weight, 5 kg per month, following a diet
  2. Learning to draw with acrylics in 5 lessons
  3. Learning a new language from scratch in a month
  4. Refusal from sugar for 14 days
  5. Making 5 new acquaintances in a week
  6. A month of keeping to a training program
  7. Clear daily routine for 30 days

Such challenges will help not only to gather the audience, but also to improve willpower, learn self-control and patience.

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Do not be afraid to ask for help

All people love to advise or share their personal experience. To increase the activity of your personal profile, post a question. Your followers will definitely tell you what and how to do. Just don't overdo it. Otherwise, the falsity will be quickly noticed, and the public will not have a good impression about you.

Work is one of the important components of modern life

Tell about what you do. If you have your own business, this will help attract new potential customers. Show your workplace from time to time, tell about the team, and the work processes. After all, watching from the outside is always more interesting.

To make the lifestyle blog interesting, popular and vibrant. You need to find the right approach to presenting the content. Decide on the subject of your personal blog. Post various interesting posts daily. Then everyone will get to know about your Instagram page.

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