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Useful Methods of Promoting an Instagram Business Account

Instagram is a fruitful platform for business with a competent approach. Building your personal brand on Instagram is a science that takes time and effort. Pick up content, think over a business plan and get started.


• Features of a business account

• How to get the content ready

• Instagram showcase

• Benefits

• Supporting promotion methods

• Contests

• Contests in Stories

• Conclusion

Useful Methods of Promoting an Instagram Business Account

Features of a business account

Instagram is actively used by marketers. It is the social component where the attention is focused on the attractive and promising social network. The number of users is growing every minute. Entire strategies and solutions for increasing the client database have been developed. Instagram on business card arouses trust in the brand, so printing an Instagram logo for business card is a great opportunity to get more followers.

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Social network is becoming a field for conducting business campaigns on the Internet. For many companies, the identical goals are set, but different methods are used to achieve them.

The methods used for the free Instagram promotion are both working and non-working. Their effectiveness mostly depends on their proper application and customization.

How to get the content ready

The very first and most important thing is taking care about the content. Analyze your account. Define the time of the highest user activity. See when you get most likes from your target audience. Based on this data, create a content plan.

All posts should be united by a common theme and idea. A good plan is an optimal combination of humor, sales and information. Focus on compiling the high quality content. It is better to make posts less often but work more on the textual part. If there is no professional camera, process the photo with filters and special tools. There are many services that can simplify this task.

Style is one of the fundamental factors in the success of your account. Even if you prepare a beautiful story and a photo, but there is no individual author's style, this will not have the desired effect. You should select a specific color scheme and the general direction for plots in the pictures. Think over the textual part, combine professional and author photos. Show that you are the same person as your followers.

Instagram showcase

An Instagram account is your business card. This is a great opportunity to introduce your brand, describe products, attract customers. This approach is suitable for everyone who offers goods or services. Now almost every user uses the showcases, as this favorably emphasizes the result of work and describes the activity of the owner.

The combination of an online store and an Instagram account is a great opportunity to increase conversion on the site, as well as to increase sales. This procedure is possible by using the landing page, presented as a one-page site with a link to an Instagram account. One can go to your site using the link in the profile.


Among the advantages of an Instagram business account, there are:

• professional advertising settings;

• category and subjects of the chosen direction;

• list of contacts;

• feedback button;

• viewing statistics.

A business account provides specific tools that help promote your personal business. Control buttons allow to contact you or view the location of the company on a map. You can also link your Facebook account, which will increase the opportunities. Here you can view statistics for estimating the quality of advertising posts.

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Supporting promotion methods

For the promotion, you can also apply special techniques and tools integrated into Instagram. With the proper configuration and connection, it is possible to increase sales and user response.


Contests are conducted for the following reasons:

• attracting new followers;

• increasing visits;

• increasing brand awareness;

• involvement into the company’s content.

Useful Methods of Promoting an Instagram Business Account

This is one of the passive promotion methods. It is intended to create a picture of an account recognition. Usually, the contest is in fulfilling certain conditions and getting a reward. For example, you offer to take a photo from a certain angle or perform some kind of trick on the video.

It is important to think over the rules of the contest to define the conditions for determining the winner. Live streaming works best. It allows to show to the followers how the winner is selected from the target audience.

You can also try conducting both online and offline events. For example, take a photo with a geo tag. It is also very interesting when a follower takes pictures and follows the link to your store for buying or viewing the product.

It is important to find partners with the same target audience and theme. Mutual PR is a great opportunity to exchange followers. When organizing contests, you can come up with a prize from partners, which will be beneficial for both parties.

Contests in Stories

Stories are similar to the posts but are deleted in a day. They can be saved using a special feature. For business, they are used for the following purposes:

1. Providing special promos and offers valid for a day. The purpose of this action is to attract maximum followers who will write to your Direct.

2. Demonstrating the workflow. For example, show how your products are created, compare  “before” and “after”, show unsuccessful and corrected products. Make the difference between competitors and yourself.

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3. Share insider information with the followers.

4. Mutual promotion of different accounts.

In Stories, it is advisable to show something exclusive, which the user will not find in other sources. Make Stories regularly. Show something original and exciting there.


Instagram is a great opportunity to present and expand your business. For this, various tools and services are used. The article lists only some methods that will help to interest the target audience and attract more customers.

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