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What is Content Plan? Types of Instagram posts

There are several tools for promotion on Instagram. One of the most important is a content plan. It will allow your account to develop faster and gain strength. This is important both for commercial accounts and accounts of ordinary people seeking to increase the number of their followers. Let's discuss, how to grow Instagram followers with a content plan.


  • Features of the content plan
  • How to create good content
  • Types of blog posts
  • Features of a different type of Instagram content
  • Selling posts
  • Entertaining content
  • Informational content
  • Conclusion

What is Content Plan? Types of Instagram posts

Features of the content plan

Probably, anyone wants their next post in social networks to have 100,500 likes and a lot of comments from the admirers. If you are a celebrity, then there is nothing complicated about it. But everyone else needs to work long and hard on their profile. At least at first. And it will help you gain most followers Instagram with a competent content plan.

How to create good content

Good content is built on two pillars: constancy and relevance. Blogs of famous brands have a development strategy for several weeks in advance. As for the ordinary users, at first it will be enough to think over what you will be writing in the blog 3-4 weeks ahead. Analyze the trending hashtags Instagram. They will give an idea of ​​what users need and what they want to see.

Content plan is also a discipline. It allows to show the audience that you care about them and regularly supply interesting content. Blogging tools allow to fill several posts, select the time of posts and configure automatic output. After working for a couple of days, you can create enough content for a week. Sometimes scheduled posts should be diluted with the relevant news. They will help answer the question about free Instagram followers no survey.

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Types of blog posts

Your content plan should consist of several types of posts:

  • Selling
  • Entertaining
  • Informational

Some "SMM-specialists" allocate more and add also training posts. But they can be safely combined with the informational or entertaining ones. To make it easier for the follower to read your blog - divide the posts into headings.

When blogging on social networks, originality and sincerity are appreciated. Be sure to share your personal opinion and your vision of certain events. Yes, you will definitely have opponents. Do not try to be good for everyone from your audience. Those who criticize you do not belong to the target audience. They can be banned or you can wait until such a public unfollow themselves.

Choose different time for different posts. In the evening or at the weekends, entertaining content works better. In the morning on weekdays - informational or selling ones.

Features of a different type of Instagram content

Above there were named the three types of posts into which the blog content is divided. Each of them has its own task. Each type of posts is important and none can be neglected at the expense of others. This may turn the audience away from you.

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Selling posts

In the business accounts, selling posts are important. If you use a blog for selling products or services, then you can’t do without such posts. After all, only such content can turn the follower into the customer. You need to understand that selling posts are not pure advertising. You can just talk about the properties of your product, and users will get interested in it.

There are several types of selling posts:

  • A Story about ongoing promotions and discounts
  • Post of a product card with description of its characteristics
  • Post “About company” (“About myself”), etc

If you write a selling post do not forget to specify the price. It bothers everyone, when social media accounts constantly reply concerning prices: “PM!” Adding prices increases sales by 30% - 60% as it has been proved by numerous studies. In addition, it reduces the time to work with the blog. You do not have to write to each user who asked the price question.

Business accounts should make every 3rd-5th post a selling one. But it all depends on the average check. The higher it is, the less often you need to make selling posts. It is better to talk about production and its high quality as an expert if you sell services.

If you set up targeted advertising or buy a post from bloggers, then the first thing that incoming users should see in your feed are selling posts. Otherwise, you would spend the budget on advertising without the necessary profit.

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What is Content Plan? Types of Instagram posts

Entertaining content

You can stir up your audience and engage them in your brand with the entertaining posts. An excellent option for entertaining content is viral videos. The simple examples of such posts are:

  • Polls and contests
  • Hot news
  • Various Top 10 lists
  • Storytelling and life stories
  • Congratulations on holidays

Is it possible to sell in entertainment posts? Why not? The main idea is to do it organically. For example, ask followers about what product or service of yours they find interesting, what can be added or improved in the product.

Informational content

If you sell something, then show everyone how it is created. Followers should see the process of manufacturing your goods. Do you make natural cosmetics? Take a video or series of photos about your products. Show with their help that you use only natural ingredients.

Among the information posts of greatest interest are:

  • Instructions and life hacks
  • Useful and educational materials
  • Examples from the personal experience


High-quality blogging on Instagram is impossible without creating a content plan. Analyze competitors' blogs and highlight interesting points. Develop a blogging strategy. Create several posts for an entertaining, informational, and marketing plan. Fill them and set the optimal posting time. Developing a content strategy ensures that your blog will be interesting and social network users will follow it.

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