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What is Instagram and How to Use It?

Not everyone knows about such a popular social network as Instagram, although the number of users of this service has exceeded 1 billion people. Instagram is used for business, work and for leisure, so if you are not familiar with this network, it's high time to get to know it.


  • Why is it worth having an Instagram account?
  • Benefits of Instagram
  • How to use the Instagram on the phone?
  • How to use Instagram on PC?
  • What photos to post on Instagram?
  • What kind of videos to post on Instagram

What is Instagram and How to Use It?

Why is it worth having an Instagram account?

If you are a lonely person who lacks communication, then Instagram will change your life for the better. This application is used by a huge number of people, among whom there is surely someone who shares your interests and priorities in life.

A huge number of various posts, funny photos and videos cannot make you bored. When using Instagram you will be in touch with your family, friends and you will always know what is happening in their life and what they do.

It is also necessary to note the fact that Instagram is the application with which you can earn good money by advertising various products and services. But for this you need to know what to post on Instagram. In fact, Instagram post requires only high-quality content.

Benefits of Instagram

Instagram stands out among other social networks. Millions of people all over the world are posting several videos or photos per day and write smart texts. Every post helps to grow Instagram followers, thus Instagram is becoming more popular:

  • Variety of content received. Each user can view photos, upload videos, chat with other users, comment posts in other accounts, and link their profile to other social networks
  • Simple interface. Even a schoolboy can figure it out how to post videos on Instagram
  • Instagram gives an opportunity to find a lot of interesting people and build a relationship
  • With this application there is always an opportunity of self-expression. Everyone can upload their photos, share what they think about or show their talent in creating videos
  • Instagram is a mobile application, which means you can use it anywhere and be aware of all the latest events

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By the way, not that long ago, there appeared an opportunity to publish several photos at once, as the developers say, up to 10 pcs. Let's look into the question of how to post multiple pictures on Instagram:

  1. Go to the photo upload menu;
  2. Tap "Add several pictures" icon;
  3. Select the desired photos, edit them, write text and publish.

How to use the Instagram on the phone?

After you download this application to your phone and sign up, you will see a news feed and can start using Instagram.

At the very beginning, all popular photos will appear in the feed, and you will also be offered to follow the popular accounts. If you like some photo or video, you tap it 2 times with your finger, thereby putting like to this record.

At the very top there is an icon resembling a paper airplane - this is called Direct. With it, you can start chatting with your friends and followers. To do this, open Direct by tapping the icon with your finger and start writing a message. Also, viewing Stories will be available for you. At the very top, there will be icons with photos of the people you are following. In one tap, Stories will open and be available for viewing for 10 seconds.

What is Instagram and How to Use It?

How to use Instagram on PC?

But for the phone, you can use Instagram on PC. The application interface will be similar, only features will be slightly different.

First of all, you will not be able to write messages to anyone, because Direct is not there in PC version. Also, it will not be possible to download Stories and watch IGTV, which is another big disadvantage. But the biggest drawback, due to which very few people use Instagram on PC, is that you cannot post photos. It turns out that the user can only view the feed and comment on various entries - nothing more.

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What photos to post on Instagram?

So, the golden rule of the successful Instagram is to create interesting and relevant content. So that you are constantly in sight of your followers, posting photos and shooting Stories.

In order to make a beautiful and colorful image, choose interesting places with beautiful architecture, nature or an unusual installation. If for some reason your photo is not very beautiful, you can always apply different filters.

Successful bloggers, before publishing a new photo, first edit it, increasing the contrast, the color palette, adding new effects, and only after that they post it on the web. Following these not too tricky rules, your profile will improve and become more popular.

What kind of videos to post on Instagram

Pay attention to the fact that there are certain limitations for videos: any video uploaded by a user can be no longer than 1 minute, and Stories cannot exceed 10 seconds.

The social network policy is in quality and acceptable content, which means that material of erotic character, cruelty and violence will be deleted, and the accounts of these users will be blocked. Therefore, in order to attract activity and new followers to your profile, post videos with beautiful landscapes, interesting art objects and funny moments from your life.

It is also worth noting that blocking can happen because of a large number of swear words in the user's video, so think before publishing it to the network.

By providing your audience with high-quality content, you can promote your profile quickly. Communicate with your friends, comment the latest events, put likes, make reposts and maybe in the nearest future, you will receive a tick that will make your Instagram unique. Do not copy anyone, create your own unique content and you will be doomed to success!

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