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What One Needs to Know About Instagram Giveaways

Now the Instagram app is installed to almost every smartphone of a contemporary person. The app allows to share personal photos and videos, view posts of other users, receive new information, buy goods and services without leaving home. Also gift for a Instagram has become popular among users of this social network. Many account holders arrange contests with prizes, and the Instagram contest rules are quite simple.


• What are Instagram giveaways

• Classic Instagram giveaway

• Loop Instagram giveaway

• How the Instagram contest is held

• Frequency of giveaways

• Other methods of promoting Instagram accounts

What One Needs to Know About Instagram Giveaways

What are Instagram giveaways

Instagram giveaway for followers has a prize for the users who must fulfill certain conditions for participation. The giveaways help to promote account and attract new followers. And the participants in the contest give a great chance to become a winner following simple conditions. Sometimes account holders organize a loop giveaway on Instagram. In this case, two or more bloggers get involved in organizing the giveaway. Prizes might be goods or services. Some users even give cars or travels to the best hotels in the world. Others offer certificates in popular stores or beauty salons.

Classic Instagram giveaway

On Instagram, there appear pages where the giveaways are regularly held. They are created specifically for these events. With each new contest, sponsors are recruited, they can be found in the contest account follows. Usually the main condition for participating in the draw for the users is following the sponsor accounts. There may be 5, or maybe 100 of them. During the contest, users cannot unfollow these pages. Also, another condition for participating in the competition may be likes or comments to certain posts. To determine the winner, a random app is used. It allows to randomly select winners. But the winner can be determined not only randomly. For example, one of the prizes can be received by the participant who wrote the most original comment or put the biggest number of likes to the posts and comments. The number of winners and prizes are announced in the first days of the Giveaway.

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Loop Instagram giveaway

The difference between a loop giveaway and a classic one is that the competition is organized by two or more account owners. Usually, account owners with similar profile topics are combined. This will make it easier to exchange followers who, after the end of the contest, may stay among the regular followers. And in order to lure the online audience, the organizers promise prizes from each blogger. The chances for victory are growing, which means that the number of followers starts growing rapidly. In addition, the account owners arrange joint marathons and live streams, which also allows to promote their Instagram accounts.

How the Instagram contest is held

Conducting a giveaway takes place in several stages. The start of the event begins with the announcement, telling about the prizes after all the conditions are met. Then, on the appointed day, the conditions for participation for followers are published on the organizing page of the contest, as well as the date of announcing the winners. The giveaway lasts a few days or weeks so that the reach of followers is maximum. On the appointed date, the organizer announces the end of the draw and selects the winners. With the help of a special program, the lucky winners are determined.

What One Needs to Know About Instagram Giveaways

Frequency of giveaways

Instagram administration does not prohibit holding such contests. But experts on the social networks account promotion recommend maintaining the intervals between giveaways. Although many users like taking part in such events, where they can win prizes for following certain accounts, too frequent contests are boring. If you want to significantly increase the online audience, it is better to organize contests not more than once every 2-3 months. During the breaks, it is recommended to use alternative methods of promoting your Instagram account. It is also important to continue publishing interesting content not to lose the existing followers.

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Other methods of promoting Instagram accounts

In addition to organizing giveaways, you can increase the number of followers using special services, for example, Myinstapromotion. In a short time, you can significantly increase the number of followers, likes or comments at a bargain price. Professionals know how to attract attention of new users so that they actively comment posts and put likes.

Besides, the account owners who would like to become popular in the virtual world can independently expand their audience. But usually it takes a lot of time and effort. Someone uses free apps for cheating likes. But this method can lead to a profile block, and it will not be possible to restore it. Sending messages by yourself or mutual commenting of other people's posts requires a huge amount of time. And in such cases, there is a risk of being blocked for spamming.

When choosing methods for promoting an Instagram account, it is important to remember about the allowed methods. The organization of giveaways is not prohibited by the Instagram administration. And the use of free apps can lead to losing the account. You can trust the professionals working in services specializing on social network accounts promotion. This method is not risky and will allow you to quickly gain a huge number of active followers.

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