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What Type of Content Attracts More Instagram Followers

Creating Instagram content is an important part of page promotion. To attract more followers"

, it is important to know what information to fill the page with. The most common types of Instagram content include informational, useful, entertaining, marketing, and user-generated. Each option has its own characteristics. We would recommend to get acquainted with it in more detail.


• Features of information posts

• Engaging your audience with useful content

• Why publish entertainment posts

• Nuances of using the selling content

• Benefits of publishing user content

• Creating attractive photos

• The subtleties of recording Stories

• Skillful combination of posts

• Conclusion

What Type of Content Attracts More Instagram Followers

Features of information posts

To sell a product, it is necessary to provide brief and concise information about it. It is also important to choose a colorful photo that will attract the attention of users and match the overall design of the account. When developing an Instagram content strategy, it is recommended to use up to 50% of information posts.

To gain the trust of followers, it is important to demonstrate your expertise in the subject under consideration. Informational content includes any events related to the owner of the profile or its brand. So you can describe the latest news, plans, features of a particular product or service, the nuances of creating products, etc. To configure the Instagram content filter, hashtags are used.

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Engaging your audience with useful content

When the question arises of how to find viral content on Instagram, it is recommended to visit the "Top" section. As a rule, there are useful and entertaining posts. Such posts are most often saved and sent to friends.

Educational content is a guarantee of the ongoing interest of the audience. If the account holder is an expert in some field, then the information provided is more credible. In addition, the useful content will help attract new customers. Training posts usually contain recommendations on how to choose a product, prepare for a specific service, what to do in certain situations, etc.

Why publish entertaining posts

Instagram is a platform where people seek entertainment. Most users get tired of useful and promotional posts, so it’s important to publish fun posts sometimes. Entertaining content includes funny pictures and videos, unusual life stories, psychological tests, contests, polls, and more. The main goal of such posts is to cheer up and engage followers during a relaxed conversation.

Experts recommend using no more than 20% of the entertaining content on the page. But some accounts initially attract the audience with the help of humor (for example, filming short vines). In this case, entertainment posts occupy up to 80-90% of the total number of publications.

Nuances of using the selling content

Business pages have to publish sales posts. Such content vividly and interestingly describes the provided product or service. It is important to demonstrate to the followers the benefits of the advertised product. Selling posts can be found on the pages of all bloggers who earn on their Instagram account. Experts recommend using no more than 30% of such content not to look boring for the audience.

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Benefits of publishing user content

User content is a post, information for which was provided by other users - reviews, mutual PR, competition results, etc. The main advantages of such posts include close contact with the audience and saving personal time, as the content has already been developed by other people.

What Type of Content Attracts More Instagram Followers

Creating attractive photos

First, users are attracted by colorful photos, and only then they move on to reading the texts. Pictures should be of high-quality, vibrant and enticing. To promote the profile, it is important to upload pictures in a single style. Different types of content have their own features for selecting photos:

• For informational content, you can take a picture from the event, shoot the product creation process or capture the ready-made product;

• When posting useful content, pictures use visual instructions, diagrams, life hacks;

• For entertaining posts, funny pictures, memes, quotes or simply beautiful pictures with a fascinating history in the description are used;

• When creating sales posts, it is important to “hook” followers, demonstrate the best qualities of the product or service in the picture;

• For user-generated content, there might be screenshots of reviews, competition results, and more.

The subtleties of recording Stories

Instagram Stories is a great opportunity to broadcast any content to your audience. So you can publish short videos, photos, pictures, boomerangs, advertisements, news, share links to interesting posts. Content can be varied and inconsistent. Regular recording of "Stories" will help to maintain constant communication with your audience.

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Skillful combination of posts

There is no single formula for the ratio of content that will always be interesting to your audience. But in any case, it is important to provide a variety of information and try to find common interests with your followers. Each case is unique, so the main criterion for choosing a variety of content is the response of the audience.


When choosing the type of content, it is important to be interested in the information presented. Only having common interests with the audience is it possible to maintain and increase the number of followers. Also, when creating posts you need to be concise, convincing, diverse and original.

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