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Why Instagram Followers and Likes Boost is Needed

Sometimes you visit some Instagram blogger's account who has a lot of followers, but the posts are dull and the photos do not 'catch your eye'. You start wondering how he managed to attract the big audience while you discuss interesting topics and spend hours on editing photos. The answer is really simple - this is how followers boost works.

Why Instagram Followers and Likes Boost is Needed


  • Goals and methods
  • Status
  • Competition
  • Contests

Instagram followers boost: goals and methods

2-3 years ago this method of promotion was chosen by rare people, but nowadays many bloggers order this service from professionals or attract audience 'artificially' themselves. For such purposes certain programs have been created and for little money a blogger can gain several hundreds or thousands of people. But why to do that cheating?

Raising the status is easy these days!

The procedure might seem complicated, but it is not difficult to master the basics of followers boost for a person familiar with Instagram algorithms. And if you make posts there, consider the service as not new for you. Also, if you do not want to be engaged in such issues yourself, you can always entrust your followers boost to a company or a freelancer.

Boost helps in increasing credibility in the new visitors' eyes, they will see a big number of followers and think the account is worth following.

Nowadays Instagram is not just a cozy social network any more, but a powerful business tool and you can pay attention to yourself and your company with its help. This resource can be used for gaining popularity and profit. But in order for the account to start working for its owner, some investments and actions will be required. People often refuse the first. And it is to no purpose as the business on this platform, same as in real life, could grow only on the investments basis.

Gaining several thousand followers manually sometimes can take several months or even years (depending on the content and other factors). But what if you want to develop your business here and now and not ready to wait 3-4 years to get a profit?

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Why Instagram Followers and Likes Boost is Needed

The number of followers is an indicator of popularity and a certain status, a symbol of trust from the users. Everyone pays attention to this number. Imagine that you visit 2 accounts advertising selling homemade cakes. One of them has 150.000 followers, the other one - 150. Which one will you contact for ordering a delicious dessert? For sure, the owner of the first account as subconsciously people trust him more. Although objectively the cakes made by the owner of the first account with a smaller number of followers might taste better. But you will not even know that, because you will definitely order from someone with a wider audience.

People will always rely on the opinion of the majority, it is in our nature. Earlier it was easier to attract attention, because there were a few bloggers with millions of followers, nowadays you need to make a big effort for getting noticed. If this happens other people will catch up and follow you without any further boosts. A person usually visits an account, sees a big number in followers and thinks: 'What made other people so interested in this account? Let me follow it as well, just in case.' Becomes your follower and stays with you.

Competition is everywhere

The competition effect will always work and lead to a furious race for popularity. Every person has his own ambitions. Especially those with public accounts - they already subconsciously draw attention to themselves, because they want money, fame and popularity. Everyone wants to show off their travels, achievements, shopping, looks, style, etc. The easiest way to do this is Instagram. And if we take into consideration that people nowadays spend most of their time with smartphones in their hands, updating the feed every spare minute, there’s no better way to make yourself well-known. When you are popular, your self-esteem grows and you start feeling more significant. It helps a lot in real life. A person begins to take himself differently, he is not scared to set bigger goals and achieve them.

Why Instagram Followers and Likes Boost is Needed


Participation in contests can also be one of the reasons for followers and likes boost . To win them you sometimes need support of other users. You could have received messages from your friends reading 'Put like under a certain post so that I could win.' You can involve not only your friends, but also people you don't know. To be honest, moderators are aware of such cases and are trying to track the participants cheating behavior. However, the phenomenon of followers boost still remains one of the most popular services ordered from professionals.

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