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Working on the development of the Instagram blog, the author pursues one of the main tasks - to gain the audience, the activity of which would increase the rating of posts. Today, when new profiles appear there every day, it has become more difficult to stand out from the crowd. But if you are thinking about how to increase Instagram followers, our tips will definitely be useful for you.

What can increase followers?

The times when people used Instagram as just an album with their photos from life have long passed. Today this social network has become a tool for communication and promotion. Here you can develop a business, personal brand, tell the world about yourself. And the more visitors the blog has, the higher is the popularity of the author.

When a user first visits an Instagram page, they analyze not only the content, but also the degree of popularity of the author. Studies show that a large number of followers is of interest to people who have not yet subscribed to the page. That is why newbie bloggers think to buy Instagram followers or get their attention in other ways.

Free ways

You can always find a blogger with a similar number of followers and agree on mutual PR. Its essence lies in the fact that the authors tell about each other in their posts or Stories. Thus followers will learn about the existence of other accounts, and many of them, visiting the author’s page, will stay there for a long time.

This promotion method works well if the target audience of bloggers is almost the same. For example, if a wedding photographer agrees on mutual PR with a wedding dress store, this will be a successful collaboration. On the contrary, the cooperation of a restaurant and a tailoring shop for dogs will be ineffective because the interests of the audience are different.

Paid ways

Instagram followers cheat is possible when holding contests, giveaways and ordering advertising from other bloggers. The prices vary depending on how many potential followers can come to the page from an advertisement or marathon. Many successful bloggers say that such methods helped them gain more than 10,000 followers at first, after which people started coming to the blog themselves.

Promotional services

Services like Myinstapromotion can help a blogger attract the audience. The results can be observed in a few hours - the number of followers will increase significantly. All you need is to visit us.myinstapromotion.com and choose how many followers you would like to receive. After the payment, the program starts working, finding audience by age, location and interests similar to the theme of the author’s page. Such followers will be active in the account, which is very important for maintaining the coverage indicators on the page.

If independent work is effective

If you take beautiful photos, shoot Stories regularly and come up with interesting posts, will it help promote your blog? Yes, but it may take years.

Today the authors who use all the possibilities win and become noticeable. While the blogger is trying to fill the Instagram page on their own, someone already receives orders and fees from the advertisers. Therefore, the number of followers is important. And it is worth gaining your audience as soon as possible to be successful tomorrow!